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Psefti Spotlight

We've been working on bosses for a few months now, and Psefti has come out pretty sweet! He'll be featured in a level with a lot of water on the ground, so he'll be wading through it and causing a lot of splashing which makes for a fun suite of effects. Here are some clips of what you can expect in a fight with him!

Summoning corpses from below the water to launch homing attacks

Erupting magical spells

Sacrificing bodies that can be used to platform to safety while Psefti decimates the area around him

Huge swings with his cross weapon

Brutal surprise attacks after submerging underwater

More magic and corpse animation

And some more magic

Psefti's most threatening attack is a ceremonious performance. He'll start it off by summoning corpses from the water, and then he'll rise to begin his cast. During this time, the player has an opportunity to figure out how to stop Psefti's cast, otherwise they'll suffer a ton of damage!

Here's a few combined clips of general combat against Psefti

Next post, we'll feature another boss and showcase what they're about. Stay tuned!

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