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How To Play Rot in a Porcelain Dream

Here are the two control schemes we have in the game:

Basic Mechanics


  • Jog

  • Sprint/Dodge

  • Sprinting and dodging consume stamina

  • Dodges have a brief period of invincibility frames

  • Jump

  • Dash

  • Small burst of lateral movement that increases the power of the next attack

Interacting with the World

  • Wall Jump

  • Can be performed while a character is sliding on the wall

  • Ledge Hang & Climbing

  • When a character is near a ledge they can climb, they'll automatically grab the ledge

  • From this state, a character can climb up with a forward or up press of the left stick

  • Characters can also press jump while holding away from the ledge to leap away from the ledge

  • Gathering

  • When enemies die, they have a chance to release a bright blue orb into the air

  • The "Gather" action in the controls enables each character to absorb that orb to recover some health

  • Interactables

  • Throughout the game, there are different types of interactable objects:

  • Items

  • Doors

  • Lifts

  • Save points

  • Resting at save points respawns certain dead enemies in the area

  • Ladders

  • Chests

  • Breakable objects


  • Three Characters

  • You play as Red, Ela, and Akardo

  • Each character has their own health and stamina

  • Only one character is controlled at a time, while the other two are considered 'tagged out'

  • Ultra Meter & Cancel Charges

  • All three characters share the ultra meter and cancel charges (Hit-cancels covered in Advanced Mechanics)

  • The ultra meter gains charge by damaging enemies and can be expended when it's full to perform an ultra attack

  • Recoverable Health

  • When a character takes damage, a portion of it will show up as yellow on the character's health bar

  • When a character tags out, they begin to recover that section of lost health

  • Death & Resurrection

  • A character's death doesn't mean game over

  • A game over only occurs when all of the player's roster has died

  • At that point, the game saves your current progress and loads at the most recently visited checkpoint


  • Light & Heavy Attacks

  • All characters have a three hit combo performed with three consecutive light attacks

  • Each character also has a heavy attack that can be charged (Charge moves covered in Advanced Mechanics - Character-Specific)

  • Directional Attacks

  • Each character has access to more attacks by combining an upward or downward left stick tilt and an attack

  • This means that each character has these attacks:

  • Up-Tilted Light

  • Down-Tilted Light

  • Up-Tilted Heavy

  • Down-Tilted Heavy

  • Aerial Attacks

  • Each character has a light and heavy aerial attack

  • Blocking

  • Blocking attacks prevents damage and consumes a relative portion of stamina

  • When a block would consume the remainder of a character's stamina, they get staggered and are left vulnerable for a few seconds

  • Parrying

  • Lightly tapping block will cause the player character to parry

  • There's a brief window where enemy attacks can be parried, causing them to enter a staggered, vulnerable state

  • Each character can preform a special attack by walking up to a staggered enemy and pressing light attack

  • Ultras

  • A character's Ultra attack can be performed when the ultra meter is full

  • It's performed by pressing both Light and Heavy attack simultaneously

  • The attack is powerful and grants invincibility throughout its duration, making it useful in dangerous situations

  • Assists

  • Each character can perform an assist attack while they're tagged out

  • What each character does during their assist attack is covered in the Advanced Mechanics section


  • Items

  • Consumable items can be equipped to the Quick Items bar in the inventory screen

  • An item in the Quick Bar can be used during gameplay by pressing up on the DPad

  • Cycling through the Quick Bar is done by pressing left or right on the DPad

  • For convenience, you can hold left or right on the DPad to return to the first used slot on your Quick Items bar

Advanced Mechanics


  • Character Assists

  • Red

  • A forward mace sweep that knocks back enemies

  • Ela

  • An explosion of energy that hits multiple times in front of the player

  • Akardo

  • Dark spikes erupt from the ground and deal heavy damage while knocking enemies into the air

  • Each assist has a cooldown period of 18 seconds after it's used

  • Tags

  • A player can tag out their current character by pressing the respective tag button of a tagged out character

  • The "1st tag" and "2nd tag" buttons correspond with the position of the slots that the characters occupy

  • For example, the top character in the UI represents the character whose assist and tag will come out when pressing the "1st assist/tag" buttons


  • What is Hit-Cancelling?

  • Hit-cancelling refers to cancelling the remainder of a character's attack animation after a successful attack connects

  • There are a few actions you can take after a successful attack in order to achieve a hit-cancel

  • Any successful hit-cancel will consume one cancel charge, represented in the UI as orbs under the health bar of the current player character

  • Cancel charges recover over time, and two is the starting max capacity

  • Hit-Cancelling is crucial in gaining an offensive advantage and avoiding incoming attacks

  • Dash Cancel

  • Dashing after a successful attack will produce a hit-cancel

  • Dodge Cancel

  • Dodging after a successful attack will produce a hit-cancel

  • Tag Cancel

  • Tagging in another character after a successful attack will produce a hit-cancel

Character-Specific Notes

  • Red

  • Red can charge his Heavy attack for more damage

  • Red can charge his Down + Heavy attack to produce an immense explosion that sends him flying backwards

  • Ela

  • Ela can dash twice in mid-air

  • Ela has two light attacks in mid-air

  • Up + Light, which sends her upwards and deals a small amount of damage

  • Light, which sends her downwards dealing damage upon landing

  • Ela sends a fireball at a 45 degree angle downward for her aerial heavy attack

  • Ela can teleport-slam into the ground by using dodge in mid-air

  • She can also teleport-slam at a 45 degree angle forward by pressing forward + dodge in mid-air

  • Ela can charge her Down + Heavy attack

  • Ela flings herself up into the air for her Heavy attack, producing a small damaging shockwave on the ground that knocks back nearby enemies

  • You can hold forward or back during the windup to propel Ela more forward or backwards during the ascent

  • Akardo

  • Akardo can charge his Heavy attack for more damage and knockback

  • Akardo's Down + Heavy summons two large spikes on both sides of him

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