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New Year, New Post

Our last post was at the end of September, so it's time for another! This time we'll be showcasing new particles, a new enemy, and a bunch of UI screenshots.


Our first boss, The Child, now has particles for his swings, smashes, footsteps, and hits against the player characters.

Red, Ela, and Akardo all have at least one move they can charge up, so we spruced up their respective particles for those attacks.

Placeholder particles for the restricting walls of encounters have been replaced.

Resting at shrines has also received a particle upgrade.

New Enemy

A character you'll meet later on in the game, Voi, has his own legion of soldiers. They feature a unique mechanic where they'll fade into the background and reappear to attack the player. Suspenseful!

UI Overhaul

Our menus have been placeholder for a while, so here's a collection of screenshots that feature new assets in-game! There are still a few placeholders. Slowly but surely, we'll have final art throughout the game!




Video Settings

Controller Settings

Sound Settings

Status Bars


Quick Items


We've added treasure chests! We're also testing tutorial messages that the player can encounter by walking through.

That's all we have to show for now! Thanks for reading! For more frequent updates, check out our instagram and twitter.

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