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Level Pass, Interactives, and Boss Concepts

It's been two months since our last blog post, and a good amount of changes have taken place in the project! We've made several passes over our first level. The environments' setdressing, interactive setpieces, and enemies have all been tweaked. Work-in-progress sound effects have been implemented on one out of the three playable characters.

Here are some clips of the level.

Throughout the level are interactive objects like doors, breakable objects, items, lifts, ladders, and more. Some interactives have their own camera set ups. Here's a few clips of them in action.

We're testing out a bunch of items to see what sticks. The usual stuff like health recovery, stamina recovery buffs, and an item to warp you to your previously used checkpoint are in. Above the basics we're experimenting with channel-type items that have powerful effects. For example: slowing time for nearby enemies.

Teleporting back to a shrine

Time Slow in action

Hit cancelling has gotten some love and now boasts a post process screen effect when it's activated. Looks cool? Looks cool. You can hold up or down while standing still and the camera will pan up or down a little bit. Nice.

Climbing up ledges has been iterated on countless times, but this time we're pretty happy with how the camera's settings function while we climb. The camera following and smoothness has improved and should be a more relaxed experience on the eyes compared to before.

In the art department, Mike's been working on more boss concepts, an enemy concept, and a lighting pass on the level. Psefti and Anassa are the names of the bosses. There's more detailed shots of each of these on our instagram.


Some other stuff we've got cooking up that isn't shown above:

  • Ladders

  • Interactive NPCs

  • Dialogue Engine

  • Sounds

If you wanna stay in touch and up to date, be sure to check out all our social medias!

Stay tuned for the next post to see those and more! Thanks for reading!

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