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Asset creation sprint go!

Now that most of our gameplay mechanics are done, we've started to just focus on content creation. Characters, enemies, environments etc. The fun stuff.

Mike finished up the Rotten enemies, and we got the animations polished and threw them in the game. They look good and we're pretty happy with the way they turned out. They'll be mini-bosses so I hope the players enjoy fighting them. They have a pretty tricky AI.

Here's a render of the model

And here he is in engine

and here is his animation set.

We started to revisit concepts as well. This one of some special civilians was done quite a bit ago but we're attempting to get some freelance help so we're trying to fill in details that a freelance artist would need if we manage to outsource anything.

A pause screen finally got implemented. We had a pretty hilarious placeholder for awhile and I'll definitely miss it but this was a nice addition to make the game actually feel real.

We created some lower end enemies we named husks. They were our first attempt at progressively damaged enemies that have pieces break off as they take damage. We weren't sure if this was going to work well but after we got them in the game and started beating them up it's looking good! It's nothing too sophisticated, each model is grouped into several meshes and then rigged. In code we randomly turn off chunks as they take damage making it look like they're falling apart. They're a ton of fun to beat up!

Along with destructible enemies we added some destructible environments to block the players path unless a certain level of damage is done, or a special move is used. Regular damage doesn't have much of an effect on it but if you use Red's down B explosion, you can demolish it and move on in the level.

This month we're aiming to add more enemy types and some new traversal methods to the environments (elevators, doors, etc). See you next update :).

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