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New enemy class and lighting

Mike finished up sculpting our new enemy class. They're going to be rarer, more mini-boss level characters so we went a bit over the top with it. We're just going to be animating the jaw so the rig shouldn't be too complex. Mike's about to start work on the retopology.

We did the lighting pass finally and it looks really good. We're using a decent amount of real time lights but we're using the deferred rendering pipeline so we can afford to do it thankfully. Nothing's optimized yet (2k,4k textures where they really aren't needed) but it runs fairly well already. So that's a good sign.

We added in the floating items, item dialogue UI screens and did a bunch of UI bug fixing. Below is a short video of some of the floating items in action.

We're working on a few different things this month. We ended up having to write a camera extension for Pro Camera 2D because it was having some issues following our characters when they got a bit high up in the air. That's currently underway and Mike's pretty much going to be fleshing out the new enemy class for a week or two.

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