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UI, Lights, Ultras, VFX

This last month, we've been a little all over the place. It's been fun though, now that there's a playable game there, adding content to it is pretty rewarding. You get to see a bit more of a finished product rather than just some placeholder art and a system that just "sort of" works.

Mike worked on adding some vfx to Akardo's attacks and it makes a huge difference. We cleaned up some of his animations and completely redesigned a few of his moves and he feels like a fun character now. A bit more mobile but still very heavy feeling to play.

We added in the archer enemy type. He has a bit of a unique behavior set so it took a bit extra work. We used a capsule as placeholder art for him before we got his above model in the game and it was pretty hilarious looking.

Mike sketched up our UI and we got it in the game today. Having some real art on the UI really does bring it that much closer to feeling like a real game.

We just also finished relighting the level, and it looks much, much, better. Don't have any videos yet but should be posting stuff next week. It's a big visual improvement.

The rest of this month will be spent working on getting assists in and bug-free, adding in the utlras, tuning the camera system and starting work on modeling some of the tougher enemies we have planned.

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