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Modular AI and new concepts

We spent this month working a lot on AI and adding enemy types. On the code side we went back and made the code more modular, allowing us to add enemies with different abilities and difficulties much easier.

We took a second look at the original AI combat tree and simplified it. The idea is to have an enemy type that can be added to the world with a few sliders in the editor that can completely change the way they fight. By manually editing or even randomizing these values, the enemies can end up being way more aggressive, defensive, evasive, etc.

We started to add in the AI behavior for the ranged classes of enemies as well. Since they have to act a bit different than melee with spacing and priorities, they took a bit of custom work.

Art wise, we concepted out a bunch of new enemies and have been working on particles and some texture reworks. It's looking much better, although we definitely need to finish our lighting pass on the level. This coming month will be a continuation of that plus a lot of polishing of the general combat feel.

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