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Well we got a short little gameplay vid together finally (Click read more button to see it). It's getting fun now, you can really get a feel for the game. Development wise we're tweaking and redesigning some of the character's abilities that didn't feel so good after testing. Mostly Akardo and Ela. Red has a pretty solid moveset right now.

Programming-wise, we've been reworking the pathfinding, adding in projectiles and making the state machine a little friendlier to use.

Art-wise, we did a few concepts of the new move redesigns and have been pretty much animating. Animation seems to be our biggest time sink by far.

We also made a quick concept of the bar, the main characters homeworld hub. Super happy with the way it came out!

This month will be all about tweaking the characters movesets and getting their gameplay feeling good and maybe finally getting rid of these placeholder particles.

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