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Cameras and animations

Mike's been working on animations pretty much non-stop this week and I've been jumping between camera work / code / animations sometimes to help him out. Looking back, animations seem to be our biggest time sink. We have a lot of features now that are just waiting for animations/content.

To get something feeling right just requires so much time and we're hand-keying everything because we physically can't do most of the moves we want in mocap haha. We're also putting a disproportionate amount of work into our main character's animations in relation to enemies and other less important characters, so I think it should speed up once we push over this bump.

Our base gameplay is pretty much there now. We started building out the level with placeholder cutscenes, dynamic cameras and added breakable portions of the environment. Unity's Cinemachine has been well worth the wait and the cameras do a great job of not looking robotic when they follow objects/characters. Highly recommend checking it out if you're working within Unity.

This coming month we're going to be implementing the 'ultra' combos for each character and set up actual gameplay encounters / scripted events.

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