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Gameplay push

This month we've mostly been finishing up Akardo animations and focusing on gameplay. We added a lot of new stuff aside from working on the main 3 characters (UI elements, combat code, assembled new NPC characters) .

We also managed to get a lot of the camera code working which I honestly thought was going to take a lot longer.

These are a few screenshots of our latest NPC Mike put together. Super happy with how she came out.

Akardo animations are nearly complete, we made a quick little video showcasing a few of them. Toolbag is really nice for these kinds of things since we don't have to waste time setting up a scene just to showcase

This is an older NPC but Mike put together the fur coat gearset and he looks pretty cool imo.

And finally we did have to revisit/iterate on a ton of abilities for Akardo since as we started playing with him we realized some stuff just doesn't look right in game. So here's a little bit of the concept work we used as we brainstormed for ideas.

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