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This month has pretty much been Akardo time. We've been working on getting his rig up to date, fixing some issues and making sure all his blendshapes (each rib has a blendshape to open) were in working order. Animating him has been a challenge because we're trying to keep clear of any zombie-ish motions and his very wide shoulders cause a lot of rework when importing any sort of mocap.

This is the last of the main characters and after this we're going to be back to tweaking gameplay and working on implementing "Ultra" style moves with time-stops and more advanced combat features.

Speaking of mocap, we finally have a somewhat decent solution! After dealing with the perception neuron for awhile with all its quirks, we started using Ikinema's new Orion software that works with the Vive and trackers. I stuck two of the trackers on some old shoes, put another tracker on my waist and the rest is the default vive setup (controllers, HMD). It's working great so far.

Around the time of last post we were also finishing up Ela and adding some weapon trails/effects to her so I'll post a few screenshots of that as well :).

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