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Working Ela Controller and new a ton of new NPCs

This month went pretty well. I finished Ela's new controller which ended up being way harder than Red's because she's always flying all over the place and teleporting through objects. But it's done, and she works pretty well. Here's Mike trying out a few combos. Our camera code hasn't been updated to follow her correctly yet so she goes off-screen a bit..

Still have a few touch-ups on the animations to do but overall we think we're going in the right direction.

NPC wise, Mike started putting together all the modular characters. We basically have 3 body types per gender, 3 heads, and different clothing sets. They came out looking pretty good.

He's now moving on to their animations and I'm starting to work on Ela's hitboxes. They're a little more challenging than Red's since her abilities are a mixture of magic attacks and physical. Hopefully by the end of this month we'll have a fully animated set of enemies and will be starting work on our third and final main character Akardo :).

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