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Boss concepts and AI

We like to jump around to keep things interesting. So this month we've worked on several different things. We finished designing and concepting one of the first bosses of the game (above). There's a lot more to him than you can see from the drawing. His movement style is pretty crazy/fun so we're excited to animate him and show him off after hes modeled and rigged.

We finished Ela's moveset and Mike's going back to put in a few final animations. After I finish with the AI I'm going back to her controller and updating it with all the new abilities.

I've been working on AI still. I made what we call our "Fragment combat engine". This should let us control a NPC's combat personalities on the fly by adjusting a few sliders. With these sliders we should be able to make a ton of different enemy fighting styles without having to hardcode the behavior in.

I also started using flowcharts. I really wish I started using them earlier... it's been a big help with the combat engine.

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