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Hitboxes and Ela animations

It's been a very fast-moving month for us. Animation work mostly flys by fairly quick for us since we can split the workload. I've been dividing my time between coding in hit states (NPCs being hit) while also animating them. This is nice because I get to see how the animation looks in game right away and make changes accordingly rather than handing it off to somebody and then later on learning that the animation just isn't going to work the way we need it to.

Mike's nearly finished concepting out Ela's moveset and is now starting to animate her. She's a very dynamic character so a lot of these animations are going to be challenging. So far, so good! He's finished her run and a few idles so far and they look great.

I've also been working on Red's hitbox animations. We're taking a fighting game approach and I'm attaching hitboxes to each one of Red's animations in Unity. This is great because you can precisely animate where you want a hit to be detected on every frame. It's bad because if you change the animation file, you have to re-animate the hitbox.

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