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Fixes and NPC's

The holidays took a bit of a toll on our work output but we've been back awhile now and working same as usual. Mike's been Redoing a lot of Ela's model. Her hair needed to be redone badly, many model fixes and we're preparing her face for animation via blendshapes. Most of our characters don't require full facial animation but she's a special case.

I've been coding and animating our NPC's. Right now we have a full pathfinding solution and our NPC's are smart enough to find a target and get to it anywhere in the level.

Now that the base NPC behavior is done, I'm going to start working on more specific NPC types. So that should be pretty fun. Mike is going to move onto story-boarding Ela's abilities and then we get to sit down for a few weeks and animate non-stop for her.

I'll leave you with this sketch Mike made of our group in Chibi form :D.

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