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Rocks, Clothes and Particles

Mike's been in a semi-coma of boredom. We were all gungho about the cove area and the way it looks but when we actually sat down to model it... He had to make a lot of rocks. Luckily hes done with that and has now moved on to some enemy clothing.

Unity 5.5 kind of destroys our build at the moment. None of our third party rendering plugins work, so I wasted a day or so trying to get all that to work but ultimately decided I would just wait until everything gets fixed.

Other than that I am just finishing up adding the framework for particles and inventory/items sort of stuff. So now we have a character controller that's aware of what type of ground it's walking on and sliding off of allowing us to put the correct particle type in the right spot. Inventory wise, it's pretty simple since there won't really be any kind of drag and drop UI just more of a simple consumable sort of deal.

Mike is moving on into retopo > baking > texturing of the clothes and then ultimately rigging and getting this first set of enemies in the game now while I'm probably going to revisit the AI and prepare for getting these models up and running in the game.

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