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The perils of mecanim

This week I went through and changed all of our characters rigs/animations to use generic rigs in unity rather than the humanoid ones. Using the humanoid rigs was great at first because we could plop whatever animation we wanted on any character. But we slowly realized that all our animations were so slightly off because of the humanoid rig missing bones or just rounding values, we aren't sure. This was a big deal for us because Red holds a mace with both hands, and many animations had his hands off, resulting in a floating mace.

Everything looks much better now with the generic rigs, so all the annoying rework was worth it in the end. I'm back to programming again, I have a small list of bugs I've been meaning to get to, so I think that should last me the week.

Mike has started modeling out the cove, he already finished some key rock pieces and is now in the middle of modeling out props. I'ts all looking really good. Can't wait to get this level finished so we can start porting in the gameplay elements.

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