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Dev Blog

April 18, 2019

Pushing forward! These past three months have been full of polishing and refinement in both the gameplay and art fronts. We're on the cusp of being where we want to be before deep diving into level design and creation. Mike's brother Ryan started working for us in the beginning of the year, and has been busy with extensive gameplay analysis/tweaking as well as tackling all the smaller but still-important tasks.

Gameplay-wise, the enemy NPCs' logic has been combed through and iterated upon. Pathfinding bugs and the numerous AI oddities have been getting ironed out one-by-one. We added some additional animations for transitional states that make our NPCs smoother level travelers, as well as animations for the player traversing through doors, an idea we've been toying with to add depth to level design.

Combat logic adjustments give the NPCs more agency and make them feel more threatening and punishing; it's helped ramp up the game's difficulty, which we can now bala...

January 22, 2019

 Now that most of our gameplay mechanics are done, we've started to just focus on content creation.  Characters, enemies, environments etc.  The fun stuff.

Mike finished up the Rotten enemies, and we got the animations polished and threw them in the game.  They look good and we're pretty happy with the way they turned out.  They'll be mini-bosses so I hope the players enjoy fighting them.  They have a pretty tricky AI.

Here's a render of the model

And here he is in engine

 and here is his animation set.

We started to revisit concepts as well.  This one of some special civilians was done quite a bit ago but we're attempting to get some freelance help so we're trying to fill in details that a freelance artist would need if we manage to outsource anything.

A pause screen finally got implemented.  We had a pretty hilarious placeholder for awhile and I'll definitely miss it but this was a nice addition to make the game actually feel real.

 We created some lower end enemies we n...

November 2, 2018

It's been a long time since the last blog post on the website.  Not because we haven't been doing anything, more like we've been doing too much at once and taking time to update the website kept getting put off.  Sorry!

So let me shotgun through everything we have actually been up to...

Well for starters we have cover art and a title now!

Our characters mechanics are finally finished.  We added Ultra moves, parries, and tweaked every move until we were happy with it.

Each ultra move was animated along with the camera in a single take.  We then set cinemachine in unity to hard follow the camera null from the animation.  This basically lets us import everything in one file and saves us from having to animate the camera separately inside the engine.

Here's how they look in game:  

 They each took a fair bit of time, but we feel like they're an important eye-candy showcase of the game.  So I'm really glad we took the time to get them right.

We also added a parry system to...

April 3, 2018

 Mike finished up sculpting our new enemy class.  They're going to be rarer, more mini-boss level characters so we went a bit over the top with it. We're just going to be animating the jaw so the rig shouldn't be too complex.  Mike's about to start work on the retopology.

 We did the lighting pass finally and it looks really good.  We're using a decent amount of real time lights but we're using the deferred rendering pipeline so we can afford to do it thankfully.  Nothing's optimized yet (2k,4k textures where they really aren't needed) but it runs fairly well already.  So that's a good sign.

 We added in the floating items, item dialogue UI screens and did a bunch of UI bug fixing.  Below is a short video of some of the floating items in action.

We're working on a few different things this month.  We ended up having to write a camera extension for Pro Camera 2D because it was having some issues following our characters when they got a bit high up in the air....

March 17, 2018

This last month, we've been a little all over the place.  It's been fun though, now that there's a playable game there, adding content to it is pretty rewarding.  You get to see a bit more of a finished product rather than just some placeholder art and a system that just "sort of" works.

Mike worked on adding some vfx to Akardo's attacks and it makes a huge difference.  We cleaned up some of his animations and completely redesigned a few of his moves and he feels like a fun character now.  A bit more mobile but still very heavy feeling to play.

We added in the archer enemy type.  He has a bit of a unique behavior set so it took a bit extra work.  We used a capsule as placeholder art for him before we got his above model in the game and it was pretty hilarious looking. 

Mike sketched up our UI and we got it in the game today.  Having some real art on the UI really does bring it that much closer to feeling like a real game.  

We just also finished relighti...

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