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Dev Blog

April 3, 2018

 Mike finished up sculpting our new enemy class.  They're going to be rarer, more mini-boss level characters so we went a bit over the top with it. We're just going to be animating the jaw so the rig shouldn't be too complex.  Mike's about to start work on the retopology.

 We did the lighting pass finally and it looks really good.  We're using a decent amount of real time lights but we're using the deferred rendering pipeline so we can afford to do it thankfully.  Nothing's optimized yet (2k,4k textures where they really aren't needed) but it runs fairly well already.  So that's a good sign.

 We added in the floating items, item dialogue UI screens and did a bunch of UI bug fixing.  Below is a short video of some of the floating items in action.

We're working on a few different things this month.  We ended up having to write a camera extension for Pro Camera 2D because it was having some issues following our characters when they got a bit high up in the air....

March 17, 2018

This last month, we've been a little all over the place.  It's been fun though, now that there's a playable game there, adding content to it is pretty rewarding.  You get to see a bit more of a finished product rather than just some placeholder art and a system that just "sort of" works.

Mike worked on adding some vfx to Akardo's attacks and it makes a huge difference.  We cleaned up some of his animations and completely redesigned a few of his moves and he feels like a fun character now.  A bit more mobile but still very heavy feeling to play.

We added in the archer enemy type.  He has a bit of a unique behavior set so it took a bit extra work.  We used a capsule as placeholder art for him before we got his above model in the game and it was pretty hilarious looking. 

Mike sketched up our UI and we got it in the game today.  Having some real art on the UI really does bring it that much closer to feeling like a real game.  

We just also finished relighti...

February 13, 2018

 We spent this month working a lot on AI and adding enemy types.  On the code side we went back and made the code more modular, allowing us to add enemies with different abilities and difficulties much easier.  

 We took a second look at the original AI combat tree and simplified it.  The idea is to have an enemy type that can be added to the world with a few sliders in the editor that can completely change the way they fight.  By manually editing or even randomizing these values, the enemies can end up being way more aggressive, defensive, evasive, etc.  

 We started to add in the AI behavior for the ranged classes of enemies as well.  Since they have to act a bit different than melee with spacing and priorities, they took a bit of custom work.

 Art wise, we concepted out a bunch of new enemies and have been working on particles and some texture reworks.  It's looking much better, although we definitely need to finish our lighting pass on the level...

January 5, 2018

 Well we got a short little gameplay vid together finally  (Click read more button to see it).  It's getting fun now, you can really get a feel for the game.  Development wise we're tweaking and redesigning some of the character's abilities that didn't feel so good after testing.  Mostly Akardo and Ela.  Red has a pretty solid moveset right now.

Programming-wise, we've been reworking the pathfinding, adding in projectiles and making the state machine a little friendlier to use.

Art-wise, we did a few concepts of the new move redesigns and have been pretty much animating.  Animation seems to be our biggest time sink by far.

We also made a quick concept of the bar, the main characters homeworld hub.  Super happy with the way it came out!

This month will be all about tweaking the characters movesets and getting their gameplay feeling good and maybe finally getting rid of these placeholder particles.

October 25, 2017

Mike's been working on animations pretty much non-stop this week and I've been jumping between camera work / code / animations sometimes to help him out.  Looking back, animations seem to be our biggest time sink.  We have a lot of features now that are just waiting for animations/content. 

To get something feeling right just requires so much time and we're hand-keying everything because we physically can't do most of the moves we want in mocap haha.  We're also putting a disproportionate amount of work into our main character's animations in relation to enemies and other less important characters, so I think it should speed up once we push over this bump.

Our base gameplay is pretty much there now.  We started building out the level with placeholder cutscenes, dynamic cameras and added breakable portions of the environment.  Unity's Cinemachine has been well worth the wait and the cameras do a great job of not looking robotic when they follow objects/characters.  Highly...

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