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Rot In A Porcelain Dream is an action side-scroller filled with combat and exploration, in which you control 3 distinct characters: Red, Ela, and Akardo.

Each character possesses strengths and weaknesses.

We like to call our game's style of play "Marvel Vs. Trine Souls", based off 3 games we're influenced by: the tag-team elements of Marvel Vs. Capcom, the fantasy styled 2.5D world of Trine, and the timing-sensitive combat of Dark Souls.

You can switch between the characters freely (even in mid-combo), and call for assist attacks as you fight.


Use defensive movements like dodging, blocking, and parrying, and carefully time your attacks.


A heavy-armored mace-wielding warrior. 

Red's attacks tend to be on the slower side due to the sheer weight of his mace, but he's surprisingly mobile between attacks. Switch to him when you need some solid damage and movement, but also plan to take a few hits.


A fast, acrobatic, and explosive magic caster. 

Ela's attacks are weaker than Red's and Akardo's, but she makes up for it with her speed and positioning.  She can rocket herself airborne with her magic, allowing you to fly over incoming attacks and attack from a distance. This also helps with getting to hard-to-reach ledges. With the right attack chain, she can stay airborne for a long time.


A giant, selfless, slow protector. 

Akardo is a tank.  Huge amounts of damage and defense at the cost of speed.  Great for breaking through armored enemies, launching them in the air, and maximizing damage output (with the right timing of course.)


World Design

In the center of the world lies a small town built in the middle of a vast expanse, sleeping in a protective shell. This is the main characters' home.

Bridges lead to and from this city to many surrounding worlds which the player can visit and explore. 

Changes made in one area can have a strong effect in previously visited areas, so the player is encouraged to revisit areas from time to time -- they may not look the same as they once did.

The inhabitants of these areas bring both mystery and conflict.