Frequently Asked Q's

       What is this?      

This is 'Rot In a Porcelain Dream', an indie video game made by us! Yamo Studios from Orlando, FL in the USA.

       What type of game is it?       


It's a single-player action side-scroller of a type we like to call "Marvel vs Trine Souls". You control a tag-team of 3 characters with fighting-game inspired movesets, fighting through a 2.5-D world.

       Will this be available on consoles?      

Hopefully!  We’re trying to take it slow and be realistic as we’re a very tiny team. We're working on a PC Steam release first, and then we’ll take our time to get the console ports right after.

       When will it come out?      


We don’t have an official release date as of yet. We're working hard on adding content to the game, including more types of enemies, bosses, levels, and cutscenes, as well as testing and tweaking gameplay. We're also adding story elements and NPC's to help bring the world to life.

       Will there be voice acting?      

Character dialogue will only consist of short words and phrases in an altered/made-up language, and likely heavily-filtered. When we get further along in development, we'll decide how to approach casting.

       How long have you been working on it, and how many people do you have?      


For about a year and a half, it was just me (Jacob) working on it.  Then Mike joined to handle art tasks, and we’ve been full-time on it for about 4 years.

We’ve had a lot of friends join in to help temporarily along the way; right now there’s 2 of us full-time and 3 others helping in part-time freelancing roles.

       What game engine is this being developed on?      

We are using Unity.