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Dev Blog

May 8, 2020

Hey everyone! It's been a few months since our last update, and we've been busy! We've begun work on our 2nd level, and there's a bunch of work to be done that reveals itself as we continue to move forward. Below is a bunch of gifs of stuff we've been up to with a comment for each. Enjoy!

We've had breakable walls -- but now we have breakable floors too. Here's a snippet of how we plan to use it in the level.

We've known that Ela has a bit of a lead on the other two playable characters in the movement department, so we've settled on a new move for Red and Akardo. Red's is a Wall Rocket Jump, where he slams his mace into the wall and jets himself off of it for a massive burst of horizontal and vertical momentum

He can also crash through walls with his body while he's flying!

Akardo's new move is a dodge-in-place with a couple of options available to him during it. He can decide to attack, or move to the side to dash. Doing nothing will leave him dodging in place until the animation's finish...

March 6, 2020

Here are the two control schemes we have in the game:

Basic Mechanics


  • Jog

  • Sprint/Dodge

    • Sprinting and dodging consume stamina

    • Dodges have a brief period of invincibility frames

  • Jump

  • Dash

    • Small burst of lateral movement that increases the power of the next attack

Interacting with the World

  • Wall Jump

    • Can be performed while a character is sliding on the wall

  • Ledge Hang & Climbing

    • When a character is near a ledge they can climb, they'll automatically grab the ledge

    • From this state, a character can climb up with a forward or up press of the left stick

    • Characters can also press jump while holding away from the ledge to leap away from the ledge

  • Gathering

    • When enemies die, they have a chance to release a bright blue orb into the air

    • The "Gather" action in the controls enables each character to absorb that orb to recover some health

  • Interactables

    • T...

January 3, 2020

Our last post was at the end of September, so it's time for another! This time we'll be showcasing new particles, a new enemy, and a bunch of UI screenshots.


Our first boss, The Child, now has particles for his swings, smashes, footsteps, and hits against the player characters.

Red, Ela, and Akardo all have at least one move they can charge up, so we spruced up their respective particles for those attacks.

Placeholder particles for the restricting walls of encounters have been replaced.

Resting at shrines has also received a particle upgrade.

New Enemy

A character you'll meet later on in the game, Voi, has his own legion of soldiers. They feature a unique mechanic where they'll fade into the background and reappear to attack the player. Suspenseful!

UI Overhaul

Our menus have been placeholder for a while, so here's a collection of screenshots that feature new assets in-game! There are still a few placeholders. Slowly but surely, we'll have final art throughout the game!



September 30, 2019

Hey everyone! We've been busy integrating some new systems into the game all the while Mike has made good progress on some characters' models and textures. We've also internally initiated "Operation Fisher-Price" in which we pass over any preexisting systems that aren't as easy to use as we would like them. After hopping around the project, it can get confusing to revisit older systems.

This post will show some footage of our new systems, and the art progress we've made since the last blog update.

  • Encounter System

This system lets us set up an area into a full-fledged fighting zone. We can spawn waves of enemies over time, limit the play space, and create boss fights with it.

  • Shrine Menu System

Our world traversal will feature teleportation between save points.

  • Dark frag modeled/textured/implemented

A new enemy class! These guys grab and deal damage over time, all while looking incredibly ominous. Press enough buttons while grabbed, and you'll break out!

  • Child almost c...

June 21, 2019

It's been two months since our last blog post, and a good amount of changes have taken place in the project! We've made several passes over our first level. The environments' setdressing, interactive setpieces, and enemies have all been tweaked. Work-in-progress sound effects have been implemented on one out of the three playable characters.

Here are some clips of the level.

Throughout the level are interactive objects like doors, breakable objects, items, lifts, ladders, and more. Some interactives have their own camera set ups. Here's a few clips of them in action.

We're testing out a bunch of items to see what sticks. The usual stuff like health recovery, stamina recovery buffs, and an item to warp you to your previously used checkpoint are in. Above the basics we're experimenting with channel-type items that have powerful effects. For example: slowing time for nearby enemies.

Teleporting back to a shrine

Time Slow in action

Hit cancelling has gotten some love and now boasts a post proces...

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